Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Day after...

Wow, that was fun!  So many nice comments and suggestions for photo editing software.  Thanks everyone for such kinds words and encouragement.
I have to admit seeing it all come together was fun, so I will keep my eye out for another blog hop and participate.

I spent today freezing, well not quite but it was cold, tailgating in downtown Indy for the Packer/Colts.  My beloved Packers did well the 1/2 half, but seem to loose their steam.  Oh well, it was a fun game.

Funny thing, and maybe this happens in every city that has a NFL team, they just "assume" that if you are for the "other" team that you must be from Wisconsin or whatever the opposing team is

One fan came up to our van and wanted us to unroll the window...... his comment was "hey, I think we won the game" (really Mr. Obvious, we were there, we know)..... hey, have a safe trip home it will be a long drive thinking about the loss..... oh, and thanks for spending your money in our town.....  course we replied.... "we live here, in one of the burbs"..... he had that deer in the headlights look.

So it was a loss for the Packers........ and I think a loss for my fantasy football team (I am 0-4 in that)... not sure why I bother, but it is fun.

Again, thanks so much for your comments, I need to figure out the "individual" comment thing too, so I apologize that I may not thank you all individually.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 

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Lynnette said...

That was an awesome game. I bet it was even more fun to be there.