Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Shopping Our (my) Stash #222

I found another blog to follow and participate when time permits and this one is SOS (Shopping Our Stash) and this week is #222.

The challenge is/was to use something from your oldest birthday supply. I have to admit that birthday cards are not something I make on a regular basis, a few.  But awhile back I participate is a challenge that pointed me to a company called Hambo Stamps and for some reason this group of pigs made me smile. So I bought it...... and never made a card until this challenge.

I want to say for anyone that notices, that the image is cut out... I did NOT cut that out by hand.  I bought a Cameo and have been playing around with using it to cut out stamped images. My vision is that I will be able to reacquaint myself with stamps that I love and always want to have a die, but one was not made.   So it was fun to practice with this image and see how this machine can change my card making.

Another thing...... I realized that I didn't really have a sentiment to go with this.... so I found one that "sorta" worked if you imply that the pigs are big... or something like that.  So maybe that is what I'm missing (sentiment) with this stamp and that is why I never pulled it out.

Anyone have a sentiment they would use for these stamp?

So check out the SOS blog/challenge here

Have a great week!!